We have imprisoned ourselves

March 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

I, along with many other people, have developed an instant gratification mindset which seems to permeate throughout our entire lives. I expect changes now, and like the proverbial frog in the water, didn’t notice the water heating up; the water is hot now. The water is very hot.

We, as Americans and Westerners have enslaved ourselves. There is no other way around that simple fact. We have enslaved ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. Let me explain.

Our bodies have been enslaved by the sedentary lifestyle the Western world leads, especially Americans. In fact, the NY Daily News reports late last year that Americans spend roughly forty hours a week watching television programming; that is not including time spent playing console video games, mobile devices, etc. Further, we’ve enslaved ourselves with addictions to various chemicals prescribed to us to treat health conditions which curiously enough are never cured. We’ve enslaved ourselves by not standing up and demanding change from our elected officials regarding the poisons in our municipal water supplies, the overwhelming amount of GMO food tyranny, pharmaceuticals that kill thousands of people each year with dangerous and horrific side effects, and experimental, unproven vaccinations. Yes, our bodies have been enslaved and we have done it to ourselves; we allowed it to happen.

Our minds have been enslaved, and have been molded for years to condition the way we think. We’ve stopped using any critical thinking skills we have, and are so easily led. We only need the latest celebrity gossip on our television sets (whose size is directly proportional to the size of our penis ) to be happy. We have allowed this! We allow ourselves to be desensitized and  conditioned to seeing people killed and maimed and any other sort of grotesque immorality; and we demand more and more!

Americans’ spirits have been crushed and enslaved too. Too often the responses to injustices and corruption are “Yeah, I know, but…” or “What can I do about it? I’m just one person.” The spirit of giving in and knuckling under oppression and corruption is what led us to where we are today. Americans and Westerners need to wake up, shake the sleep from their eyes, and stand united and stop the injustices, stop the corruption. We have allowed the corporate media to define for us what is worth celebrating and what is worth lamenting. We need to say “Enough!” and demand an about face from this government, and fascist globalism before its too late.


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